Our Story

Our Story

Young mothers all know the feeling of getting to the end of the day, having done nothing but hold a baby, change a diaper (or twenty), and clean a few bottles, realizing somehow you’ve still crossed nothing off the to-do list. As a brand new mom I’d sometimes get to the end of the day and feel… blah. I started to refer to them as “less than” days. And then suddenly, all around me I saw and heard people use the phrase “less than” to describe how they felt. 

Four years later, I have yet to hear someone say they feel “more than.”

Less than days will happen. I am usually less than what I wish I was. Here we aim to create a space where moms having a less than day can come and leave feeling more than. 

Feeling more empowered to make decisions for their family.

Feeling more inspired to ask interesting questions to the next person they meet.

Feeling more motivated to step back in and try again. 

Because even when you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, you are the expert in your home, and we all have something to learn from you. Because even when you have a “less than” day, you are a “more than” mom.