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Episode 4- Kathleen

I really have learned that from children over the years, is to handle their questions tenderly, as much as possible… and then I think the door is more likely to stay open. I’m incredibly excited to introduce you to Kathleen. Kathleen was a school teacher for 20 years, but for the last 22 years has […]

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Episode 3- Miranda

It has and I think it will continue to take a lot of conscious effort to remember her, and give her the place in my life she deserves. Miranda was the first interview I did, years ago, when the idea of morethan was new in my mind. Since this interview, she has added another boy […]

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Episode 2- Hannah

I feel like adapting to having a child, and then having a second child is hard enough. But if you have like, a collicky baby on top of it, it’s just- it can be really brutal. Wife and mom of two little girls, Hannah and I have a lot in common. But one experience I […]

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Episode 1- Brenda

And now my grandson’s a senior, and all his friends call me “Grandma.” And it makes me feel good. It’s what I want to be right now. It’s the thing I like to be. There can’t be a person alive who has met Brenda and hasn’t loved her instantly. She’s one of those rare people […]

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