Empty Nester | Episodes | Special Needs

Episode 14- Holly

For me, “Mom” means “all in,” and that’s how I was all in. I was engaged and aware of as many aspects of their life as I could. Holly is a mother I’ve known since I was a teenager, and one of the things I loved most about her is that she treated me more […]

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Big family | Episodes | Grandparenting

Episode 13- Marilyn

You’re not going to have a full day full of peace and joy. BUT if you can savor the moments of joy- the moment where the child has a- AHA! moment, and I just love seeing those aha moments- that is my joy! Our first nomination! Marilyn was nominated a couple months ago, but I […]

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Episodes | Working mom

Episode 12- Susan

I’ve really had to learn that as a parent. I can’t expect them to do as much as I think I can do in a day. So learning to kind of, reign myself in, and let them develop at their own rate without me pushing them too hard has always been a struggle for me. […]

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Big family | Episodes | Family Culture

Episode 11- Lani

You as a mother are participating in creation. And it isn’t tidy, and it isn’t clean, and that’s okay. That’s actually the way it’s supposed to be. If ever there was a woman who could have ten children it would be Lani. She is intelligent and capable and organized, and somehow finds time to be […]

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Episodes | Family Culture | Young Mom

Episode 10- Hydi

So whenever she has big emotions, like she cries, I just encourage her, like, “Feelings are not dangerous!” And sometimes she just feels like, after a good cry she just feel much better, the day just gets smoother. You know? And you just be there with her. This is an interview that I feel captures […]

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Episodes | Family Culture

Episode 9- Annette

The first few months we were there in Bosnia I was pretty amazed at how emotionally fine our kids were. I’m convinced that it was patterns in our family. I think those structures carried us through. Annette raises the IQ in the room when she walks in. This was such an intelligent, thoughtful conversation, and […]

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Breastfeeding | Episodes | Family Culture

Episode 8- Bricia

No amount of money is going to give them happy moments in the mud; frog hunting at 9 o’clock at night on a school night is nuts! And they get to do that. After a series of heavy topics, Bricia is just the fun conversation I needed. She’s full of energy, and she has an […]

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Episodes | Grief | Young Mom

Episode 7- Marianne

If I have another miscarriage, it will be sad. It will be hard. I will let myself feel that grief. But I know it will be okay. And it will hurt for a while, but it will be okay.  Marianne is one of those kinder than kind women who you will never hear speak unkindly […]

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Episodes | Grief | Infertility

Episode 6- Moriah

Daniel and I, we decided as a team that we weren’t going to live life as if we had no family. So we decided that everything we would have done with our own family, we would just do with somebody else’s. Moriah is talented and funny and kind, and she and her husband Daniel are […]

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Episodes | Faith | Family Culture

Episode 5- Emily

My tendency is to want to like, keep them close and protect them, and that’s obviously still important to protect our children. But also knowing they’re not mine. They don’t belong to me. I’m entrusted with them for this season, but they ultimately are the Lord’s and they need to be sent back into the […]

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