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Episode 24- Brittany

No one feels like they’re going to be disliked because of that, or judged because of how they choose to do it, because that’s just not the spirit of the group. It shouldn’t surprise me that one triplet mom’s story is entirely different from another, it’s not like any singleton mom has the same story […]

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Episode 23- Hillary

With seven kids, “new normal” is kind of how we’ve done it. Every kid, or every stage that we enter in, we have to find our new normal. Mom of seven, creator of the Helping of Happiness blog and podcast, Hillary lives her life busy. She’s also one of those rare people who can put […]

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Episode 22- Katie

She says, “I see heartbeats.” And I go, “Sweet! Twins!” And she’s like, “I see five.” Katie and I have been friends for ten years, but it has been nearly that long since I’ve seen her. She reached out to me when I started this website, willing to share her story, because she said the […]

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Episode 21- Cheryl

I used to think anybody could do it. I feel like it kind of ate me alive. I would do it all over again to have the triplets, but it was really difficult. Most emotional thing that I’ve ever experienced. My Grandma recommended Cheryl to me, knowing that she had fostered and then adopted triplet […]

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Episode 19- Regina part2

But it was always in the back of my head. I might have to watch him die. And I might have to watch my kids lose their dad. And that’s gonna be really hard, and I don’t want to do it! This episode is a continuation of last week’s story, which you can watch here. […]

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Episode 19- Regina part1

When people help me, and I allow them to help me, those are my strongest friendships. I consider those friends my family to this day, because they were the ones that came in and helped me with so many things. And you get so close to them because they’re the ones taking care of you. […]

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Episode 18- Kathryn

I do feel grateful that I am able to have children and have a family, and that I’m fortunate and blessed enough to be able to be a stay-at-home mom. Kathryn had been married for only six months when she was diagnosed with cancer and started chemotherapy. 7 years later, she is cancer-free and a […]

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Episode 17- Linda

I think it’s an ongoing battle as a mom not to tie your effectiveness to their behavior. I think that’s just a given as a mom. I don’t think it’s an easy thing, but I think it’s part of our refining process to remember that they have their agency. Linda was nominated by Chey (episode […]

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Episode 16- Shari

At one point [my daughter] was in her Senior year of high school and she said, “I love watching you mother.” I mean, how many teenagers get to see that? Shari has a mothering story that is incredibly unique. Becoming empty-nesters was just around the corner when she and her husband gained custody of their […]

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Episode 15 – Chey

Everyone just needs love. I’m trying to raise kids who are respectful and live within these boundaries, but also raise kids who are really empathetic, and, I don’t know, I think all these challenges have helped with that. Let me introduce you to a mom you all should be lucky enough to know. Chey is […]

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