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Episode 29- Cassandra

It’s not, ‘Oh, I can’t ride that roller coaster because I have a heart condition!’ It’s a PART of my life, it doesn’t DICTATE my life. My friend Ayana nominated Cassandra, knowing that she had heart surgery and is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, in part so she can stick around for her little […]

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Cancer | Episodes | Young Mom

Episode 18- Kathryn

I do feel grateful that I am able to have children and have a family, and that I’m fortunate and blessed enough to be able to be a stay-at-home mom. Kathryn had been married for only six months when she was diagnosed with cancer and started chemotherapy. 7 years later, she is cancer-free and a […]

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Blended Family | Episodes | Young Mom

Episode 15 – Chey

Everyone just needs love. I’m trying to raise kids who are respectful and live within these boundaries, but also raise kids who are really empathetic, and, I don’t know, I think all these challenges have helped with that. Let me introduce you to a mom you all should be lucky enough to know. Chey is […]

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Episodes | Family Culture | Young Mom

Episode 10- Hydi

So whenever she has big emotions, like she cries, I just encourage her, like, “Feelings are not dangerous!” And sometimes she just feels like, after a good cry she just feel much better, the day just gets smoother. You know? And you just be there with her. This is an interview that I feel captures […]

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Episodes | Grief | Young Mom

Episode 7- Marianne

If I have another miscarriage, it will be sad. It will be hard. I will let myself feel that grief. But I know it will be okay. And it will hurt for a while, but it will be okay.  Marianne is one of those kinder than kind women who you will never hear speak unkindly […]

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Blog | Breastfeeding | Episodes | Young Mom

Episode 2- Hannah

I feel like adapting to having a child, and then having a second child is hard enough. But if you have like, a collicky baby on top of it, it’s just- it can be really brutal. Wife and mom of two little girls, Hannah and I have a lot in common. But one experience I […]

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