Empty Nester | Episodes | Working mom

Episode 25- Michelle

We were pretty vulnerable. We allowed them to see the sides of us that even we didn’t want to see. And that it was okay, this was part of the journey to figure that out. My husband worked closely with Michelle for about two years, and has consistently said she is one of his favorite […]

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Empty Nester | Episodes | Special Needs

Episode 14- Holly

For me, “Mom” means “all in,” and that’s how I was all in. I was engaged and aware of as many aspects of their life as I could. Holly is a mother I’ve known since I was a teenager, and one of the things I loved most about her is that she treated me more […]

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Empty Nester | Episodes | Grandparenting

Episode 1- Brenda

And now my grandson’s a senior, and all his friends call me “Grandma.” And it makes me feel good. It’s what I want to be right now. It’s the thing I like to be. There can’t be a person alive who has met Brenda and hasn’t loved her instantly. She’s one of those rare people […]

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