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Episode 34- Liza

July 1, 2020

Most nights I would go from room to room, but I did feel that there was always something that could use some emotional support. You know, “I’m here. I’m here and you can count on me.”

I launched morethan on August 29, my mother’s birthday. And since that day, I’ve known that this interview was coming. Liza is wife to Kirby, mom of 5, grandma of 14, and my mom. She’s the greatest influence on my life and the voice in my head, and I don’t know how to sum up who she is in a few paragraphs.

But I can tell you that she always knew (and made it clear to us) that motherhood was and is her greatest calling. Its what I have tried to do with this space: highlight women who love to be mothers, who lean into their strengths, and enjoy the growth that comes from this kind of work. Women like my mom. Liza has been a positive influence on so many women in her lifetime, none more than her daughters.

So it seemed right to end this series of mothering interviews with Liza. I hope you enjoy her vigor for life and enthusiasm for motherhood as much as I do. Thanks Mom, for everything.

I will also note that the video on this interview has me cropped out. That was not intentional, and it’s maddening to me that after 34 episodes I’m still making these kinds of rookie mistakes. There was of course the option to redo the entire thing, but I always like the conversations to feel fresh and real, and I thought the content of this was too good not to share. My mom will hate being center stage, but you’ll be able to enjoy her even more.

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