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Episode 33- Judy

June 24, 2020

She is such an intentional teacher of children. When there’s a child in her house, there’s nothing casual about that.

Judy is kind of the matriarch of all matriarchs as far as I’m concerned. She has 9 children, (resulting in her current 45 grandchildren) and she ran a tight ship. They are all grown, married, successful, and have children of their own now, and in this interview I talk to four of her daughters to get their perspective on Judy as a mom. It’s clear how much her girls value and appreciate the way they were raised; they know how well they were taught and how deeply they were loved.

Judy is one of the most intelligent and capable women I’ve ever met, and she could have been a great many things; she chose to be a mom and she made it her life’s work. Thanks to Tamsin, Julia, Karine, and Gillian for sharing your mother with us, and thank you Judy, for your example and your clarity in purpose.

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