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Episode 31- Andrea part1

June 10, 2020

That concept of whittling down what’s essential, and really making sure you’re putting your time and your resources into the things that matter most.

I was thrilled to get a reply back from Andrea agreeing to be interviewed! She’s the creator of her website Better Screen Time, and runs that business with her husband. They offer resources for parents who are trying to navigate a world of technology within their homes, and do such good work for families. I’ve been following Andrea for a while now, and listened to several interviews with her, but they all focused around her products and services. I was more interested in her mothering style, since it is obviously such an important part of her life. 

Andrea is incredibly intentional and deliberate in her mothering. She researches, prays, and asks questions, then takes answers back to her family, and I was grateful to get to pick her brain in this interview. 

Part 1 focuses much more on her personal mothering. Part 2 will air next Wednesday, and takes advantage of Andrea’s knowledge and understanding on screen usage in the home- it will be more focused on her platform at Better Screen Time. 

You can visit Andrea’s website here for free downloads and blogposts, as well as for her two courses “Untangling Teens and Tech” and “Creating a Tech-Healthy Family.” You can also follow her @betterscreentime on Instagram.

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