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Episode 29- Cassandra

May 27, 2020

It’s not, ‘Oh, I can’t ride that roller coaster because I have a heart condition!’ It’s a PART of my life, it doesn’t DICTATE my life.

My friend Ayana nominated Cassandra, knowing that she had heart surgery and is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, in part so she can stick around for her little girl. It turns out, Cassandra has had 4 heart surgeries, with more in the future. She is a survivor, and she doesn’t take that for granted.

She talks about living her life on her own terms, ways that can cause friction in her marriage, and not getting breaks from her toddler. This is a young mom, fully in the trenches, and I’m grateful she found a few moments to share her mom reality with me. Thanks Ayana for the nomination!

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