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Episode 28- Merilee Part 2

May 13, 2020

Focusing on other people and their challenges, and finding ways to serve, and finding joy in the moment really helps me push aside those thoughts that are all about myself.

This episode is a continuation of last week’s story. You can watch part 1 here.

Merilee kindly shared some of the feelings and experiences from her recent health struggles in the previous episode. In this continuation episode, I ask her more questions about things she has learned from hardship overall. She talks about her relationship with her husband in the most beautiful way, and also shares great parenting wisdom on allowing children to struggle. 

I edited very little of Merilee’s conversation with me, because I felt strongly that her goodness needed to be shared. She has been through more in the last fifteen years than I can imagine, and has done it with patience and wisdom. She has sought answers, not demanded them, and given herself a long rope of grace in the process. I’m learning from her example, I hope you loved her episodes as much as I did.

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