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Episode 27- Merilee Part 1

May 6, 2020

That became something really important as a mom. To not become angry. To not become bitter or resentful for the challenges that seem to come just one on top of the other, but to still find joy.

Turning lemons into lemonade has never been such an understatement as when referring to Merilee. After living in healthy, active ways for most of her life, she has faced several life-threatening diagnoses, losses, surgeries, and periods of frustrating rehabilitation for the last 15 years. With every challenge Merilee has had a seemingly undending supply of optimism and strength. All while raising 7 children, and then becoming a guardian to their 8th. 

She’s lived a self proclaimed extraordinary, ordinary life, and her example is one I want to shout about to every mother, everywhere. In this episode, she talks about some of the periods of difficulty she has experienced. Part 2 will come next week, where she reflects on what she has learned overall. Please learn from Merilee’s humility with me.

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