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Episode 26- EmilyS

March 11, 2020

We joke that it is our 3rd child. Diabetes is just another member of our family. It sits behind us in church. It is present in family pictures. It accompanies us on family vacations…

Emily is articulate and passionate and was such a joy to interview. We have a mutual friend, Cortney, who thought we would be a good connection for each other. When her introduction to me was liking books and Parks and Rec, I was sold. 

Emily is a mom of 2 littles, and her oldest (age 6) lives with Type 1 Diabetes. This conversation was such a window into living with chronic illness, and how present it is in their life as a family. I was amazed to hear how independent their 6 year old is able to be in her own food choices, and that they have made no food off limits, while still keeping her safe. 

Emily also runs the blog The Backyard Adventurers and contributes to the Corpus Christi Moms Blog, inspiring families to appreciate what their own communities have to offer in terms of fun and exploration. Oh, plus a registered nurse. She knows what it is to be busy, and talks about the constant efforts to be “centered.” 

So glad to be acquainted with Emily, thanks to Cortney, and you can follow her on Instagram @thebackyardadventurers.

These are a few books that Emily found particularly helpful after the Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis:

-Kids First, Diabetes Second: tips for raising a child with Type 1 Diabetes by Leighann Calentine

-How to Raise a Mindful Eater: 8 powerful principles for transforming your child’s relationship with food by Maryann Jacobsen

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  1. What an inspiring mama. She is living a challenging life with joy and optimism and is teaching her children to do the same. Loved this one!

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