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Episode 25- Michelle

March 4, 2020

We were pretty vulnerable. We allowed them to see the sides of us that even we didn’t want to see. And that it was okay, this was part of the journey to figure that out.

My husband worked closely with Michelle for about two years, and has consistently said she is one of his favorite people ever. They’ve both since left that company, but have stayed in touch. She’s full of energy, doesn’t take herself too seriously, but is passionate about everything she touches. She’s just so darn likable! So I finally took the hint and considered his respect for her an official nomination.

Michelle is a wife of 25 years and mom to 2 adult children. They are independent and thriving, and as a recent empty nester I ask her to reflect back on the various stages of her mothering and tell me what she loved, what was hard, and what she learned. 

Michelle’s gift, other than being a joy to sit in the same room with, is conciseness. She effortlessly answered every question in only a couple minutes. She shares some really wonderful wisdom in this interview!

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