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Episode 24- Brittany

February 26, 2020

No one feels like they’re going to be disliked because of that, or judged because of how they choose to do it, because that’s just not the spirit of the group.

It shouldn’t surprise me that one triplet mom’s story is entirely different from another, it’s not like any singleton mom has the same story as anyone else! And yet, as the third triplet mom I’ve interviewed in the last month, Brittany shares an entirely different experience.

Brittany is a friend of Katie (episode 22) but was lucky to have a very “boring” pregnancy by all accounts. Afterwards, it’s a different story. Between hemorrhaging so severely 9 days postpartum that her husband thought he’d raise their brand new three alone, to the anxiety and PTSD she suffered later, to the “trenches” of the first 6 months with multiples- Brittany talks about it all.

The coolest part of this interview? Hearing about the triplet support group they’ve created. This is what women can be for each other, and I am here for it.

Thanks, Katie for the connection, and really, Brittany’s story, while unique, will speak to so many moms who have felt overwhelmed and out of their depth. Which is, I think all of us?

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