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Episode 23- Hillary

February 19, 2020

With seven kids, “new normal” is kind of how we’ve done it. Every kid, or every stage that we enter in, we have to find our new normal.

Mom of seven, creator of the Helping of Happiness blog and podcast, Hillary lives her life busy. She’s also one of those rare people who can put you at ease in less than 5 seconds, and chat with you like you’ve been friends for years. As a podcast host, that’s a skill that serves her well. We come at you live from her recording studio, AKA her bedroom closet- the only quiet space in a house full of kids.

She’s a talented cook, and passionate about travel, especially with her family (all things you can find on her platforms), but more than anything else she’s a study to mothering and how to do it well. She loves her people, and she’s constantly thinking and working to improve her household and make sure her children are being taught what they need in the time they need it. 

This interview was also incredibly validating to me, as a fellow creator, to feel less alone in the challenges I’ve faced since launching my own website. If you’re a podcast listener, it may be valuable for you to peek behind the curtain.

Be sure to check out her website at

Her podcast is available there, as well as on all major podcast hosts. You can also follow her on instagram @helpingofhappiness

Thank you, Hillary!

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