Episodes | Multiples

Episode 22- Katie

February 5, 2020

She says, “I see heartbeats.” And I go, “Sweet! Twins!” And she’s like, “I see five.”

Katie and I have been friends for ten years, but it has been nearly that long since I’ve seen her. She reached out to me when I started this website, willing to share her story, because she said the books don’t tell you what real life with multiples looks like. Katie has a face-the-world-head-on kind of personality, and I couldn’t help but note in this conversation how I think that steel was a blessing to her and husband Matt in all they have undergone.

Katie talks about miserable pregnancy, PCOS, infertility, miscarriage, faith and endurance pregnancy with multiples, birthing triplets, and life with 4 under 4. I had also heard that Katie’s multiple pregnancy had started with 6 fetuses, and ended in the birth of triplets, but I didn’t know details, and Katie shared very openly about the natural reduction process she went through as a patient of a research hospital. This story was pretty astounding; it will make you think.

Thanks Katie for reaching out!

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