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Episode 21- Cheryl

January 22, 2020

I used to think anybody could do it. I feel like it kind of ate me alive. I would do it all over again to have the triplets, but it was really difficult. Most emotional thing that I’ve ever experienced.

My Grandma recommended Cheryl to me, knowing that she had fostered and then adopted triplet girls. Cheryl and husband Josie have two biological children, who were 8 and 10 when they welcomed in three medically fragile foster newborn babies into their home. They have since adopted the now five-year-old triplets, and completed their family of seven. 

My conversation with Cheryl showed me how little I understand about the fostering process, and she was willing to answer my endless questions about the systems and processes of bringing someone else’s babies into your home. She talks about that blurry first year of visitations and doctors visits, her thoughts on the foster system, and how to support a foster family from the outside. I’ve admired fostering and adoption for a long time, but it was really beautiful to see just what Cheryl’s family has given to these girls who really deserve it. 

I do need to apologize that for some reason the sound quality on this interview is incredibly poor. I’m constantly working on how to better use my equipment and editing software, but this has a lot of background noise. I wanted to use it for episode 20 regardless, because while the quality of my production is lacking, the quality of Cheryl’s experience and wisdom is not.

Thanks to Celesta for the nomination!

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