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Episode 19- Regina part1

January 8, 2020

When people help me, and I allow them to help me, those are my strongest friendships. I consider those friends my family to this day, because they were the ones that came in and helped me with so many things. And you get so close to them because they’re the ones taking care of you.

My sister Annie nominated Regina, and this is how she described her: “She is a mother of 6 amazing kids, including identical twin girls at the caboose who are now 16. She has the most incredible light about her. She’s smart, kind, witty and an exceptional mother She lost her husband to cancer 2.5 years ago and has weathered that storm with such faith, grace and optimism. You will LOVE chatting with her.” She wasn’t wrong.

To run this website, set up interviews, edit hours of content (espeically with me in it) has not been easy, but if means I have an opportunity to meet women like Regina and be inspired by other incredible mothers, than I am all in.

Regina gave me that rare balance of being vulnerable about difficult moments while still being uplifting. She shared some honest feelings about losing a spouse I have never thought about, made me laugh, and made me cry. I couldn’t bear to cut a minute of it. So this interview will be shared in two parts, the second half will come next week. Thank you to Regina, and to Annie for the introduction.

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    1. Thank you! Part 2 she talks about dealing with Derek’s death, and it’s just as wonderful and vulnerable and somehow joyful as part 1! I hope you enjoy it, too!

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