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Episode 16- Shari

November 27, 2019

At one point [my daughter] was in her Senior year of high school and she said, “I love watching you mother.” I mean, how many teenagers get to see that?

Shari has a mothering story that is incredibly unique. Becoming empty-nesters was just around the corner when she and her husband gained custody of their infant niece, and started all over again. With three adult children and a five year old at home, she and her husband work hard to love all four in the way they need to be loved. I loved hearing her tell me about navigating the challenges of blending her family and building those relationships between the siblings; she can clearly see how much they add to each others’ lives. Shari talked about getting her priorities straightened out now that she has a do-over, and also about how they support her youngest who has special needs. 

This is one I’ve been wanting to share for a long time! A positive and gentle light, Shari is a mom with wisdom to share. Pull up a chair- you’ll learn something.

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