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Episode 15 – Chey

November 20, 2019

Everyone just needs love. I’m trying to raise kids who are respectful and live within these boundaries, but also raise kids who are really empathetic, and, I don’t know, I think all these challenges have helped with that.

Let me introduce you to a mom you all should be lucky enough to know. Chey is a mom of 4, and her life experiences have left her wise and empathetic. She is relatable because she really has experienced most of it- teen pregnancy, divorce, remarriage, blended family, physical and mental health battles, and it goes on. She bravely tells just a fraction of her story in this interview, and I’m so grateful for her willingness to be open.

Chey has two daughters from a previous marriage, and has part time custody with her husband of his daughter. Together they brought a little boy into their family about a year ago, and they have made a pretty beautiful life together. 

This was an incredibly uplifting interview for me, watching Chey describe the work she has put in to create the family life she believes in. It also features her one-year-old as background noise, which made me feel right at home. Sweet Chandler may steal the spotlight in this one a few times.

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  1. It is enlightening how Chey shares the tough things she has been through and shows that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel! Inspiring!

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