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Episode 14- Holly

November 13, 2019

For me, “Mom” means “all in,” and that’s how I was all in. I was engaged and aware of as many aspects of their life as I could.

Holly is a mother I’ve known since I was a teenager, and one of the things I loved most about her is that she treated me more like a peer than a child. Even then, she would openly share her mothering struggles and concerns with me as she processed and talked through what she was learning. 

When I first got to know her, she had recently found out that her oldest son had Asberger’s (high functioning autism) and was consuming everything she could on the subject, as well as trying to educate the people around her. I was amazed then and again now at her openness. 

As we’ve crossed paths since, I’ve been grateful for the way she always makes me feel like a valued friend, and I’m so happy to share her generosity with you. She talks about learning to adapt to the needs of Asberger’s, and also shares some gold on those teen years. She makes me laugh and think, and motivates me to dig deeper and try harder. She’s as authentic as they come, and this interview was an absolute joy.

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