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Episode 13- Marilyn

November 6, 2019

You’re not going to have a full day full of peace and joy. BUT if you can savor the moments of joy- the moment where the child has a- AHA! moment, and I just love seeing those aha moments- that is my joy!

Our first nomination! Marilyn was nominated a couple months ago, but I had to wait until she got back from helping her daughter and welcoming her 12th grandbaby to the world. But when I saw her name as a nomination on my website, it wasn’t a hard sell. I’ve known Marilyn for as long as I can remember, and she’s been a mother to so many women I know. 

Marilyn has six adult children, twelve (nearly thirteen) grandchildren, and a wonderful husband, and it takes approximately 2.6 seconds of talking to her before you know they are her greatest priority. She loves mothering, and considers it her greatest work, and this interview is evidence of it. But she doesn’t limit herself to her own family- Marilyn has the remarkable ability to mother everyone around her without being condescending or making them feel inadequate. She validates, loves, nurtures, and teaches like she breathes. Thank you Aline for nominating Marilyn!

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  1. Oh I love everything about this. I was not planning on watching the whole thing right now, but I couldn’t stop. Just the uplift I needed this morning. Totally brilliant :).

  2. Marilyn has always had such great wisdom. I’ve admired her since both our children were little. She just gets better and better.

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