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Episode 12- Susan

October 30, 2019

I’ve really had to learn that as a parent. I can’t expect them to do as much as I think I can do in a day. So learning to kind of, reign myself in, and let them develop at their own rate without me pushing them too hard has always been a struggle for me.

Susan is unlike anyone you’ve ever met, and I think she takes a fair amount of pride in that. She has worked on a peacock farm, gotten her PhD, worked for the Oakland Raiders, trained Navy Seals, and currently works in Business Operations. She values learning new things and then mastering them.

Mom of 3, Susan is a recent empty-nester, and she’s learning the new rhythm of having a quiet home and parenting adult children. She talks about what’s fun and what’s hard about this new phase. She also talks about the experience of recognizing where the holes in your parenting were, and coaching her kids through it when they’re already out of the home. 

I’ve never met someone who was so fully able to let her children be the masters of their own passions. With her husband, they let their kids dictate their interests, and then gave them full support to pursue. She’s also incredibly confident, which I found so refreshing. What I want for all moms is for them to be able to say, like Susan, that they are great moms, and they are good at a lot of things. She is. You are too. 

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