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Episode 11- Lani

October 23, 2019

You as a mother are participating in creation. And it isn’t tidy, and it isn’t clean, and that’s okay. That’s actually the way it’s supposed to be.

If ever there was a woman who could have ten children it would be Lani. She is intelligent and capable and organized, and somehow finds time to be involved and active in church responsibilities and civic concerns. She just seems to have her stuff together, and to be honest, she intimidated me for a long time. Do any of you think that if you talk to someone who has everything figured out, they’ll see that you don’t in about 0.2 seconds? I thought for sure she’d find me out. 

In this conversation, she shares several vulnerabilities she feels in her mothering, like frustrations with the mess involved in growing a family, or worrying about what consequences your parenting decisions will bring for your children. She is thoughtful about her weaknesses, and openly shares the wisdom she’s gained. She’s a mother to learn from.

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