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Episode 10- Hydi

October 16, 2019

So whenever she has big emotions, like she cries, I just encourage her, like, “Feelings are not dangerous!” And sometimes she just feels like, after a good cry she just feel much better, the day just gets smoother. You know? And you just be there with her.

This is an interview that I feel captures the whole personality of the individual. Hydi is personable and happy and introspective and is generous in sharing herself. She was an easy interview.

Hydi and her husband grew up in Shanghai, so I asked her about cultural differences in parenting, as well as how she raises a child so far from her native home and family. She also shares a parenting philosophy that has changed her relationship with her daughter and herself. 

When I see Hydi parenting her little girl, I can almost feel her soaking up every bit of her child at that moment. She helps me remember how precious my own are, and she makes me a better mom. If you currently have littles, go give them a squeeze. It’s a hard phase, but it’s beautiful, too. Thanks, Hydi!

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