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Episode 9- Annette

October 2, 2019

The first few months we were there in Bosnia I was pretty amazed at how emotionally fine our kids were. I’m convinced that it was patterns in our family. I think those structures carried us through.

Annette raises the IQ in the room when she walks in. This was such an intelligent, thoughtful conversation, and it also made me want to book a flight for the whole family to go somewhere- anywhere. 

Annette’s husband David assisted in setting up a new judicial system in post-war Bosnia, and after his work there, was employed in Bucharest, Romania, the Netherlands, and Sudan over the next several years. She and her four children followed, and they added another son and daughter to their family during their time abroad. She says some fascinating stories to tell, and I’m not being cliché when I say it was hard to keep this interview brief- I could have asked her questions all day. 

Annette talks about the benefits of experiencing new cultures with children in tow, and the benefits her family enjoyed when they stepped out of the demanding schedules of Western culture. She also mentions a new project she has coming up. A writer of picture book biographies, (one of which my daughter has devoured), she has a new book coming in March of 2020. You can learn more about Annette, and the books she has already had published at her website: http://www.annettebaypimentel.com/

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  1. Finally finished this one today- traveling with kids is better?! Wow that’s a cool perspective. Really enjoyed hearing about her experiences!

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