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Episode 8- Bricia

September 25, 2019

No amount of money is going to give them happy moments in the mud; frog hunting at 9 o’clock at night on a school night is nuts! And they get to do that.

After a series of heavy topics, Bricia is just the fun conversation I needed. She’s full of energy, and she has an ability to laugh at herself that makes her instantly likable. As a mom, I know it’s the little moments that are most important, but so easily get swept into the monotony. Bricia is the living example of not letting those little moments pass, and she tells me a little about that in this conversation.

Bricia has three boys, ages 25, 10, and 5, and she also shares a little of their family culture of appreciating and enjoying each other. She also explains how she attributes those strong relationships at least in part to breastfeeding each of them. I also ask her to compare her experiences with single parenting and now co-parenting with her husband. Her answer may surprise you. 

While her approach to parenting is so very different from the structure in mine, I so respect this mother and how fiercely she loves her children. I’m ready to go throw bedtime out the window for a chance at some memories or a few extra snuggles.

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  1. Fun interview! Makes me want to go lay on the trampoline and look at the stars tonight with Gabe (instead of saying, “glad the stars are out, go to bed!”).

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