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Episode 6- Moriah

September 11, 2019

Daniel and I, we decided as a team that we weren’t going to live life as if we had no family. So we decided that everything we would have done with our own family, we would just do with somebody else’s.

Moriah is talented and funny and kind, and she and her husband Daniel are such incredibly selfless people. Moriah is a loving nurturer to all children, a mother to her core, but her PCOS and resulting infertility make it impossible for her to ever have her own.

She talks about processing the news of their infertility, and the grieving that followed. She also shares about times of difficulty of witnessing friends and family members’ joy at pregnancies and births, and the way she combats resulting feelings of depression with creativity and giving.

They have pushed aside their personal tragedy to focus on their availability to serve. You’ll be inspired by her, as well as remember to hug your own kids a little harder. You may laugh a little, too. I’m still laughing about her answer to my question: “What’s your favorite word?”

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