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Episode 3- Miranda

August 26, 2019

It has and I think it will continue to take a lot of conscious effort to remember her, and give her the place in my life she deserves.

Miranda was the first interview I did, years ago, when the idea of morethan was new in my mind. Since this interview, she has added another boy to their family, making her a mother of four. As you’ll hear in this episode, one of those children, her daughter Macy Jewel, only lived three days. It’s difficult to hear about pain and loss, but I’m amazed and inspired at the grace and faith and strength and even humor Miranda displayed as she talked about the events around Macy’s birth and death. It’s clear she has done the hard work of healing; she was a great gift to me in being willing to share about experiencing loss as she tells Macy’s story. 

Miranda is full of energy and spontaneity, she is articulate and witty, but also vulnerable and personal. Help me help her in remembering sweet Macy, and maybe there’s another mom you know, who has loved and lost that would benefit from your sharing it. 

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  1. Love ❤️ this ?!! Miranda is so real, and hearing her story of loss and faith is truly inspiring!

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