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Episode 2- Hannah

August 24, 2019

I feel like adapting to having a child, and then having a second child is hard enough. But if you have like, a collicky baby on top of it, it’s just- it can be really brutal.

Wife and mom of two little girls, Hannah and I have a lot in common. But one experience I can’t relate to is the digestive issues both their babies have experienced in their first year of life, and the collick that it caused. I thought I was tired with newborns, but Hannah and her husband experienced a whole new level of sleep deprivation.

Hannah shares about finding sanity when there’s no end in sight, dealing with having to stop breastfeeding before she felt ready, and also a new side project she’s started. You should go check out @motherhoodunfolded on Instagram (she interviewed me a few weeks ago!), and see her honoring mothers in a beautiful way. She’s passionate about women feeling strengthened and heard by other women, and I’m grateful she spent some time with me to tell some of her story.

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